by Peter Buneman
14 Oct 2012

Community Broadband Meeting -- Preliminary Report

The organisers of the meeting felt that the event was very successful, and hope it will continue to contribute to the Community Broadband Initiative. We were impressed by the breadth, energy, and diversity of community engagement. It illustrated the dynamism of community projects; and we must not lose this momentum. Over 100 people attended, representing more than 20 communities who have built, are building or are considering building their own network infrastructure.

One participant, @cyberdoyle tweeted, “it was scottish government and communities getting together to share knowledge, celebrate and it was mindblowingly awesome, and buzzing with great ideas.”

A big thank you to Sabhal Mòr Ostaig for organising the meeting and to Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, the University of Edinburgh and Scottish Government for funding it.

This site is intended to help these groups start to work together and help each other and others. We have now put up a Wiki so that communities can keep in touch we hope it will be a place to document and share experiences and know-how with each other. Please help to fill it out!

In the meantime please post impressions, suggestions and contributions in the comments below.

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