Community Broadband Infrastructure in Scotland

Coille Mhialairigh Mast

HUBS or High-Speed Universal Broadband for Scotland assists in the provision of high speed Internet access to communities in rural areas of Scotland. HUBS accomplishes this by providing infrastructure support and technical expertise to local community networks which are ultimately owned, constructed and maintained by the communities themselves. HUBS has assisted and is currently assisting about 20 communities across Scotland. HUBS provides the following

Please see howto pages for some ideas of what may involved in developing a community network. To contact us, please send e-mail to

HUBS is funded by the Carnegie University Trust and is a joint enterprise between the University of the Highlands and Islands, the University of Edinburgh and the University of Stirling.


HUBS grew out of the Tegola project, which is a testbed for research into rural broadband technology based at the University of Edinburgh.

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