Tegola Research

As we have already indicated, our research is about making broadband in remote areas affordable and fast. There are a number of problems we need to solve, not all of them are technical, but being computer scientists we are mostly interested in the technical issues. If you are interested in any of these topics, please get in touch with us.

In addition, we need more than just line-of-sight. In order to get a strong signal the line-of-sight has to be well clear of obstructions.

There are many computational problems here involving algorithms, optimization, computational geometry, user interfaces and encoding of geo-spatial data. interfaces

In addition to the electronic and computational problems, there are social and economic issues. For example, given that there is some subsidy for broadband in remote communities (as there is for some urban communities) what is the most effective way of providing the subsidy? Also, we imagine that the patterns of usage of internet will be different in remote communities; there may be an increased demand for internet telephones and internet radios. This is something that we need to measure.